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About us

The company was founded more than 30 years ago by Gustav Trinkaus. In 2000 he was succeeded by Dr. Horst Wolf, who has been the managing director since then. With our experience in the industry we were able to establish partnerships in all areas and to position ourselves as the leading German trophy freight agency.

We are well-known and recognised worldwide. We are invited as experts to the largest European hunting fair "Jagd und Hund" in Dortmund every year. Furthermore, we often work as contact persons for authorities, press and television about trophy import and CITES.

We have a global network of partner companies in all hunting countries. With all questions regarding trophy import or export you can come to us.

Our services

For E.U. citizens, we perform import clearance of hunting trophies, as well as delivery to your doorstep or a taxidermist.
For our non-E.U. customers, we are able to import your trophies for taxidermy purposes and organise the re-export to the country of your choice.

Door-to-door delivery

We have reliable partners for air freight from all hunting countries, as well as freight forwarders to your home or a taxidermist of your choice.

Customs clearance

Hunting trophies must be registered and cleared at customs upon entering the EU. This process can be very complex, especially for protected species. We take care of import clearance at Frankfurt airport for you.

Veterinary clearance

Before going through the customs, trophies have to be cleared by a state veterinarian, and the corresponding veterinary certificates have to be checked. We take care of this process as well.


We have a profound experience of CITES clearance as well as other regulations for species protection (W.A., E.U.-VO, European Habitats Directive etc) of all hunting countries in the world.

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Trinkaus GmbH, Robert-Koch-Str. 11, 61184 Karben, Germany